Sunday, March 8, 2009

What does THAT mean???

So last night David and I were watching tv and Lili was playing with her Lego's on the floor beside me. She was making wonderful things to eat and drink and sharing them with us and I was half listening and taking them as she offered them to me. Suddenly I realized that she was saying something that didn't make any sense so I stopped and asked her to repeat herself. With a big ole smile she told me that she was giving me some "unbenectable hot chocolate" and "Macker-row muffins" Now, I still have no idea what the "Macker-row muffins" are, but we finally figured out that the hot chocolate was "delectable" And Delectable it was!!!
So, here are some pictures of Lili last night with her "unbenectable hot chocolate"

Here's hoping you get some Unbenectable hot chocolate today!!!
"From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise..." Ps 8:2


Susan said...


prechrswife said...

So funny!

AZMom said...

I love the stuff they come up with!

The Morris Family said...

...precious, precious, precious! who needs chocolate with such pure sweetness?!