Monday, April 14, 2008 glad I told you???

If you look closely at the photo above you can kind of see that the pile of clothes are spotted with lovely little orange spots. Those lovely spots would be ORANGE CRAYON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah hem...MELTED INTO THE CLOTHES!!!!! BY MY DRYER...WHICH WAS ALSO COVERED IN ORANGE MELTED CRAYON!!!!!!!!! Someone just shoot me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I put a large load of the girls clothes, some NEW, into the washer last night and then transfered them to the dryer this morning. Before you ask...YES...I checked pockets, etc...for stuff, but apparently I either didn't check them well enough or "someone" wandering around the house with an orange crayon, dropped one off into my dryer!!! Anyway...after spending 70 minutes on HIGH HEAT, I took them out of the dryer only to find the girls clothes looking like they had the Orange chicken pox!!
After I composed myself, I called several friends to find out what on earth to do. After finally coming up with a plan, I cleared all the counters in the kitchen and started spotting the clothes. Mind you...they were COVERED in orange crayon so this was no small task. My dad walked into the kitchen to find me slumped over the sink on the verge of tears at the task ahead. He patted me on the shoulder and said, "Well, you have two can sit here with your bottle of stain stuff and spot each and ever spot until the deed is done, or you can call it a wash (no pun intended) and throw them all away...either way, you better get going and do whatever you are going to do" Thanks Dad!! The thought of throwing that whole pile of clothes away just wasn't an option, so I began spotting them. It took me several hours, but i finally did it.
My friend, Mariya, helped me by cleaning the dryer of all residual melted orange crayon and then checked the washer for me. So I put the spotted clothes in to wash on Hot with oxyclean on the super long cycle. I did it twice. I am now getting ready to go check them and see if the girls now have a rather large pile of play clothes or not!!! Wish me luck
Lesson for the day: check, check and double check pockets for Rogue Orange Crayons trying to excape!!!!! They are ruthless!!!
In HIS Mighty Grip


Becki party of 5 said...

Oh Shelley, not funny at sorry. What a day. Have I mentioned chocolate to you lately?! heehee
love ya!

Shelley said...

Ooooh...chocolate!!! we're talking!!! There has to be some chocolate in this house somewhere!!!!
Thanks Becki :-)


Susan said...

oh my!!! E'beth is a little hoarder! I'm going to learn from this one! Thanks for the lesson. Yowee.
I usually find rocks and sticks in John's pockets that made me think someone was trying to bang the door down when they ended up in the dryer! That doesn't sound half bad after hearing your tale!
Perhaps you can stay away from clothes that don't have pockets! :)

Eileen said...

Yesterday Lindsey colored all over the living room carpet in broad sweeping strokes, with a black crayon. I feel your pain. :-)

Cindy M said...

Oh, Shelley! I feel for you! Unfortunately, I've had that same experience. It took all my will power to not walk right out the door. And #4 has made her mark, pardon MY pun, as well. She has marked with Sharpie on our relatively new sofas (which we wisely ordered in the color of dirt and with an extended warranty for just such a thing). She has colored with crayons on her AquaDoodle...thank you, God, for Magic Erasers. And her most recent escapade is green Sharpie across her new pink capris. And she tattooed herself, as well. Luckily, my hair spray pretty much took out the Sharpie. And don't even get me started on chocolate stains...ah, the joys of motherhood!

Cindy M said...

OH, I forgot grape juice...hate it. Diluted grape juice stained her new Cinderella night gown the other hero this time? Vinegar!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, Shellbell! Geez. I read your post and wanted to just cry with you! New clothes too?!?! OY! Honestly? I'd have been right there with you. I couldn't bring myself to throw them away! Clothes just cost too darn much! Glad your load is ok now????? *what's the end results?*

David? What did Daddy have to say?! I know he didn't put the crayon in the dryer! LOL


a Tonggu Momma said...

There. Are. No. Words.

I will say you sound SO calm when describing the event. You must be doing much better at your daily devotions as compared to me.

Hugs and chocolate ~

Shelley said...

please learn from this!!! LOL Let nothing stand in your way of learning this one!!!

YUCK!!! I hope I never experience this one!! Although I will say that I actually caught both girls under the kitchen table drawing on the lower kitchen cabinets with RED CRAYON today. Guess who got a spanking at our house today!!!

If I ever even SEE them near a Sharpie before they turn 12...all bets are off!!!
Oh...I LOVE vinegar!!! Great for Aly's skin!!

Most all of it did indeed come out. A few small faded spots here and there, but mainly just on the play clothes. The newer stuff looks GREAT!!! A couple of the older outfits (unfortunately ones that I loved!!)were ruined, but they will work for play clothes. It completely came out of all the denim shorts and overalls. One new shirt has a few spots, but the shirt is red anyway and it just looks like some color variation. Praise God...all's well that ends well!!

I only sounded calm as I had already screamed, cried and acted like an idiot prior to posting!!! LOL

prechrswife said...

Oh, my! What a mess! Since I'm a day late seeing this, I have to ask how the clothes came out after all of your hard work...