Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hello????? Are you gonnna tell us what happened????

Yes...I'm sorry...I will tell you what happened to the orange clothes!!!!
Most all of the crayon did indeed come out! A few small faded spots here and there, but mainly just on the play clothes. The newer stuff looks GREAT!!! A couple of outfits (unfortunately ones that I loved!!)were ruined, but they will work for play clothes. It completely came out of all the denim shorts and overalls. One new shirt has a few spots, but the shirt is red anyway and it just looks like some color variation. Praise God...all's well that ends well!!
Would you believe that after ALL of that I actually found the girls under the kitchen table yesterday with a crayon coloring on one of the kitchen cabinets???? ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thankfully it came right off with a spray of Goo-Gone.
I will certainly be checking pockets even more carefully from now on...lesson learned thank you!!!

In HIS Mighty Grip

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prechrswife said...

Glad to hear that things mostly came out okay. :-)