Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A look back...

After our multiple computer crashes over the last year I am finally getting around to uploading some of our older pictures onto my current computer. I, of course got sucked into sitting and looking through all 9 million of them and came across some fun memories. So, I thought I would go back and share a few pictures with you from the early days...pre blog.
In the months before we went to China to get Liliana, I began to try my best to prepare Aly for the trip. We were advised by several people not to take her, but that was not even an option. I knew she would be a good traveler and besides not even being able to comprehend being seperated from her for three weeks, neither David nor I wanted her to miss this moment in our family...becoming a family of four.
First official "Big Sister Kiss" by Aly
First moments as a Family of Four!! Priceless

Adoption complete...she is officially ours!! I can't imagine not having these pictures!!
Anyway, back to preparation...Aly does really really well in most any situation as long as you give her information about what is going to happen. So, I thought that we should check out the airport since we would be seeing lots and lots of them on the trip. These few pictures are of the two of us on a rainy day at TriCities Regional Airport in Blountville TN. (This is the airport we flew out of and came home to on trip #2.)

checking out the runway
checking out the planes
Is there where I take my luggage Mom?
uh...has anyone seen a large Pink suitcase with polka dots all over it?? I've been waiting here forever!!
I still can't believe how little Alyson is in these pictures...this was just a month or so before we went to get Lili. How time flies!!!! She had a ball at the airport even though we did run into "Grumpy Gus" at the entrance to the security gate. We just wanted to stand there and watch (DUH...I knew we couldn't go THROUGH security!) But he wouldn't even let us stand there and watch!! Bear in mind that there was NOBODY at the airport that afternoon...and the two people who were there had already boarded their planes!!! I know, I know...those Chinese two year olds pose such security risks!!! Oh well...I would post a picture of our buddy Gus, but he was so hateful that the picture didn't even take!! :-)

Little Miss Sunshine!

I hope you enjoyed my quick trip down memory lane. :-)
More later...
In HIS Mighty Grip


prechrswife said...

Goodness, Aly has really grown since then! Even though you know kids grow fast, it is still a pretty amazing thing to see. :-)

Kim said...

Hi! I am new to your blog...your girls are such cuties!

I love the name of your blog!

Shelley said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for stopping by. Were you in Jiangxi with Dusty and Chet? I checked out your blogs and I think I saw Dusty in there somewhere!! Your children are beautiful!!
Thanks for stopping by to see us~


The Morris Family said...

So many precious memories- thanks for sharing some Shelley- and thanks for your prayers and good wishes while we were in China- what a blessing to be covered in so much prayer! Karen