Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All the days ordained...

Well, it's coming down to the last few days of summer. Most everyone we know has already started school and we start on Monday. What happened???? I can't believe it is almost over!!
Here are a few pictures of us enjoying these last few days!
The precious baby doing the Chinese Squat . She took the cushion out of the chair for this one...not sure why as her little tushy is not resting on the cushion...just her feet.

A quick game of Hopscotch in the sweltering heat.

Did I say that it was HOT???

Oh...I forgot to tell you that it was HOT!!! Look at those red cheeks!!

We came right in, put on swim suits and retired to the pool for the rest of the afternoon!!

The perfect Play-Doh ice cream cone for those HOT days!!

I'm not sure what this is, but she surely is proud of it!! I just love that smile :-)

Yummy Yummy perfect pink ice cream Play-Doh!

Aly and her funny Play-Doh princess~

A leisurely breakfast~

Yum favorite cereal!

Mamma, it's hard to smile with a mouthful of cereal!!

We can't forget to feed Moeshe!
Our playroom ALWAYS looks so nice and clean!!!
Um...maybe NOT!! LOL

Dinner at Ruby Tuesday's...We LOVE Ruby Tuesday's!! The girls ususally eat their weight in salad bar!!

Beware of Chinese never knows where she will show up!!!
I am so thankful for these two amazing children! I pray that God will continue to bless their young lives and draw them closer to HIM. I am so thankful that David and I were given the privilege of walking this journey with them!
"All the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be."
Psalms 139:16
In His Mighty Grip~


David said...

I just love your posts! I especially love the pictures!! Of course I AM living la vida loca with you Miha!!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the Chinese dumplings (maybe they're called spring rolls) from Ruby Tuesday!! It's the only place that I've found that makes them close to how they tasted in China at our hotel.

I enjoyed the pictures! Boy, our Chinese girls can sweat, can't they?!

The Morris Family said...

Delightful pics of your two precious girls- LOVE the verse- thanks for sharing!

lillian08 said...

Love your pics... the pics of Aly playing hopscotch make me want to go outside and play!!!!
p.s.- The family pic of y'all is precious!