Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Okay...so you can usually find me wandering around the house doing whatever I am doing with a kitchen towel thrown over my shoulder. I have found it to be a very comfortable thing to have on my shoulder...I use it quite often and feel pretty "undressed" without it. Doesn't matter if I am in my robe, my pj's or dressed up...it is usually perched right there on my shoulder. It comes in handy for wiping up spills, tear stained cheeks, dirty hands and face that go flying by, and a myriad of other messes. I remember once a number of months ago I was at my friends blog and her latest entry was about that very rag on her shoulder...I was humbled by what she had to say and from that day on, I look forward even more to the little friend that I grab out of the drawer each morning as I start my day. (Check out the article here )

So this morning I was in the laundry room rebooting the washer, Lili was in her bedroom cleaning up the endless pile of shoes that seem to be scattered about, and Alyson was busy cleaning up the family room for me. It has been hard these last few years for me trying to get around and some tasks have been easier than others for me to handle. The bending, stooping, and standing of cleaning up the family room is one that is really hard...so Aly has taken it on like a real trooper. No, she doesn't fold the blankets perfectly and she may miss something here and there, but I am truly blown away at how this five year old steps up to the plate and can clean up that room better than many adults I know!!! So, today she was puttering around and as she passed through the kitchen to deposit a glass into the dishwasher, she hollered to me in the laundry room , "Mom, I finished straightening in here!" I turned to see her and thank her for the help and I saw a sight that brought tears to my eyes... my little Minnie-Me!

There she stood with a kitchen towel over her shoulder. She smiled and said that she was wearing her towel "just like you Mommy!"
God is so good!!!!
Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord" Ps 127:3
Father...help me...teach me, to be worthy of the heritage you have given me!!!!
In His Mighty Grip


Susan said...

what a wonderful wonderful post!!! I thought we were going to be talking Disney... whew!

How is David??!!

Shelley said...

He is doing better. Now that he knows what is going on we can better "pray" him through it!!! He is pretty sore from a very bumpy ride in the ambulance, however!!
Please keep him and this whole thing in your prayers!!

The Morris Family said...

Oh! Such precious, precious girls!
Love that prayer- oh so true!
And also really really loved your previous post about seeking rest- been thinking some of those same things Shelley!
Blessings to you all!

Shelley said...

Thanks Karen! I hope you and your crew are having a wonderful summer!!

Angie said...

Precious post...warmed my heart!

Anonymous said...

Just found you via Adoption Voices and am a new follower! We have a Jiangxi girl as well... :)

CeAnne said...

Your girls area adoriable! I found your blog link in one of the yahoo homeschooling groups we are in. My boys are adopted from Russia :) If you want to join my blog let me know and I'll add your email.

Shelley said...

Hello CeAnne,
I would love to check out your blog. You didn't leave an email address, so I hope you check back here. Please add me and let me know when you do!! Looking forward to seeing your precious children!!