Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Okay...I have a HUGE post with lots of pictures that I am working on. We lost the cable to the camera so I couldn't download that 5000 or so pictures that were on there. (Yes, David...we did find the cable on my desk under God only knows what!!) Anyway...we found the cable and they are downloaded and you will see some fun stuff in the next few days.
In the meantime I MUST tell you a funny that happened at the grocery store this past week. Aly, Lili and I were meandering through WalMart and we came to the Asian section. Aly knew that we needed Soy Sauce because she and Lili LOVE LOVE LOVE them some Soy Sauce, so they keep a close eye on the bottle in the fridge!! Aly (who is 5) runs ahead and grabs the bottle of Kikkoman and says, "Mom I've got a bottle of Kikko-moo!" Lili (who is 3) stopped and threw her little hand up on her hip and bellows, "Aly it's not's Kikko-Man!"

Oh...the drama of it all...let's get it right People!!!!

Lili and her bottle of Kikko-MAN!!!


The Morris Family said...

Ha! Your precious girls are such a hoot- thanks for sharing! Have a blessed and great weekend!

lillian08 said...

Your stories about Aly and Lili always bring a smile to my face! They are so funny!! You need to write a book about all the silly things they say and do...
Miss you, my friend!
xo, Jen