Friday, November 7, 2008

practically perfect in every way!

Well, I measured and weighed the girlies today...and they are right where they are supposed to be. Aly is just right on the American charts and a giant on the Chinese charts...while my little peanut is a peanut no matter what chart I chart her progress on.
Aly has grown nearly 3 inches and gained two whole pounds since January, and Lili has grown a whopping 4 inches and gained 4 pounds since January.
It is a good feeling to chart that info each month and see them continue to follow along right where they should be. Aly is on the 50% for weight and height and Lili stays right between the 10-20%...on the American charts.
I have a feeling that Aly is about to sprout again as she has taken to eating HUGE volumes of food and is rarely satisfied...just a little while ago she polished off two clementines and almost two oranges in a matter of moments. Then less than 10 minutes later she said, "Mom, I'm hungry!" Last night for dinner she had two helpings of red beans and rice as well as vegetables and then was still hungry... she would have eaten a third helping but I talked her into some fruit instead I have never seen such a metabolism!!
The two of them are polishing off some string cheese and peanut butter crackers as we speak.
Most days I feel as if I am feeding two linebackers!!
I think I will go fix us some Green Smoothies and leftover red beans and rice for lunch.
Then it's off to the grocery store again!


Susan said...

Guess what?! We have a brand new Earth Fare just a stones throw from where you lived!!! You would LOVE it! It has a small restaurant that is sooo yummy and I could spend an hour just 'browsing' the isles! It's just down from the University near Krogers.

Pretty pitiful if our exciting evening out is a trip to Earth Fare isn't it?! LOL!

lillian08 said...

Our peanut is a pea too... what exactly is a green smoothie?
Sorry, I'm a country girl without a "smoothie clue"!!
Yummy, string cheese!!!
Hope you are feeling better...
Love you,

AZMom said...

So glad they are doing well!