Monday, October 20, 2008

sorry...but I HAVE to post this!!!


Tisha said...

Hi! I just popped over from "A Touch of East." I absolutely love this! May I ask where you got it? I know my friends and family would get a kick out of it.

By the way, your girls are too CUTE! Also, I love the blog name! Glad I found you. :)


Susan said...

Yep. Shout it from the rooftops Shelley!
Where is David during all this??? Tell him he needs a post to stir this election up a bit more!
Oh, I forgot, didn't Rush ask him to fill in on Fri?

The Morris Family said...

Too funny! But sadly, all too all too true...hold on everyone, I think we are in for a very bumpy ride.

lillian08 said...

This is a good one, aye???
I hate to see what the free world will soon be coming to...
Did you see Sarah Palin on SNL?
It was soooo funny!! Good that she can laugh at herself! What a woman!!!!

Susan said...

Oh, meant to say don't apologize for posting this. Wear the badge w/ honor!!!

AZMom said...

ROFLOL!! I love it!

prechrswife said...

First of all--hilarious!

On another note, you have been tagged on my blog. :-)

Val said...

Oh YEAH! I'm going to be posting this one. Thanks, friend!

Donna said...

Two thumbs up!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Dawn said...

This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!
Please Lord don't let him get in office! Have mercy on us...
Thanks for posting.