Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wind, Rain and a little Mike Seidel!!

Good morning all!! We are still here and we still have power. It did trip for a second about 2:15am, but came right back on. It was raining good when we finally went to sleep and it was raining again when Aly woke me up this morning.
She crawled up next to me and said, "What going on about this hurricane mess, Mom?"
So, she let the dog out and I stumbled into the living room and turned on the weather channel just in time to see..., we actually made the weather channel this morning!! Mike Seidel rates pretty good, but you know it is serious if Jim Cantore shows up!!! So, I think we are okay since Jim is nowhere to be found in our neck of the woods this morning. that is the morning update. I'll check back in later.

In HIS Mighty Grip-


prechrswife said...

Glad to hear all is well there. Same here. We lost power for about 5 minutes at one point, and it has blinked a couple of other times, but that's it. No water in the house, thankfully.

Charlene said...

So funny, we say the same thing about Jim Cantore! That's when you know you're in trouble!