Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Fay update

About 11:30 last night we finally lost power. Fortunately it came back on about 4:30 this morning...just as I was about to cross the street from Hot to Miserably Hot!! With no screens on our windows, we can't open them! So while the temperature wasn't THAT hot, there was no air movement. came back on and it was a welcomed relief!! Thankfully we got a few hours of good sleep.
I got up about 9am and made some egg salad out of the eggs that I had boiled just in case the power went out. I had just gotten the stuff out of the fridge when I thought I better stop and do a quick blog update. So I began typing the update and just before I hit "publish" guessed it...the power went out again!!! ARGH

Oh well... it was good while it lasted!

I went ahead and made my egg salad and then Aly woke up and joined me in the dark kitchen. I fixed us both an egg salad sandwich and we sat down in the living room to eat our breakfast. She was so bummed out and it was hilarious. We just sat there eating and talking by the light of the flashlight. (this house is very cave like and there is very very very little natural light that comes in) She finally said, "Mom, I am over all this hurricane stuff" Oh ain't seen nuthin... and I hope you never do!!! She kept going on about all the stuff she couldn't do without the lights and finally came up with a list of what she could do. She said, "Mom, there are only two things we can do with no electricity in this and talk!" Both of which she was doing...she is such a hoot!!

We got Lili up and dressed and we all went out on the front porch for a while. It wasn't any cooler out there, but at least there was a good stiff wind. A couple of times I thought it was going to blow us off into the yard and poor Bailey was about to have a nervous breakdown. But we snacked and talked and practiced our bible verses. We could barely hear each other over the wind and major rain, but we had fun!

We finally came in just before noon and about 5 minutes later the power came on. Thankfully it has been on ever since. The internet/phone has been in and out, but we are blessed and very thankful that it all has been a very minor inconvience. God is very good and has protected us!!

I have some pictures too. Of the weather and also some from last Sunday when we had Lili dedicated at church. I hope you enjoy!!!

poor dejected child...had to eat breakfast in the dark. Thank goodness for flash photography!!

Looking down the driveway. See the water building up at the back of the car?

Aly finally smiled again when we got outside. She would have gone out into the yard running around if I would have let her!!

Now THAT is some serious downpour!!

Lili talking with Pastor West during her dedication

Isn't she just beautiful???

Can you feel the love??

She was so cute. We all walked up to the front of the church and Lili just sat down on the bottom step. Pastor West asked her if he could just sit down next to her and she said, "Okay" So he did.

Okay...well, it is dinner time...thanks for checking in on us over the last few days. Hopefully there won't be many more of these this season!!!! From my mouth to God's ears!!!

In HIS Mighty Grip!


prechrswife said...

Glad to hear you made it through the day. Sorry you lost power again, though. That is no fun at all. It looks like we've all made it through the storm. Now the sun needs to come out so we can come up there and go swimming with y'all. :-)

Love the dedication pictures, too. We had both girls dedicated on Mother's Day this year.

Becki party of 5 said...

Shelley, thanks for the updates, I've been checking in on you! Love the dedication pictures...yes, Lili is absolutely beautiful, as is her whole family!

Anonymous said...

THANKS again for the updates and pictures!

Grateful you are okay!

Love the last picture ...



Susan said...

I can remember a very special Mother's day in 05 when Miss Aly was on stage ;) Has it really been 3.5 years since then??

Glad the power is back on! I can take the no lights stuff, but leave my AC alone!!! Come up here Fay.. we need you!

Cindy M said...

It's all fun and games until the power goes out, eh? By now, I hope all is quiet on the home front and the sun is out once again. Love the pictures!

lillian08 said...

Sounds like you weathered the storm... pardon the pun! Have thought about you often, but was away from my computer and didn't have my cell phone on me this weekend to give you a call.
Hoping you are relaxing comfortably in A/C now and Aly is enjoying "lights"...
I love pics from Lili's dedication service! What a joyous day... what a wonderful blessing to have the dedication on your Mom's special day!
Love to all,

a Tonggu Momma said...

I wondered how y'all were doing. Glad to hear y'all survived your rather violent visitor.

Esther's mom said...

Such beautiful girls! Glad to hear you've survived the storm.