Sunday, November 29, 2009

The post Thanksgiving update...

I do hope that you and your families had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day...with lots of turkey, pecan pie and wonderful traditions...all wrapped up in many many moments of Thanks to our Father who gave it all to us!!!! We had a day just like that and we made lots of wonderful memories that will last us a long long time!!

I have pictures from the day, but I will have to share them later as they aren't uploaded yet!!

For now I will share some memories from the last couple of weeks... Aly is here with me and she wants to help comment on the here goes! the way...there are more photos and fun on the homeschool blog (link on the right sidebar)

A good friend stopped by with a gift of some yummy fruit and other goodies for us. The girls made short work of it all for lunch the next day!!

We made muffins for breakfast one morning only to discover... that if you tilt your head slightly to the left, you will meet our new friend...the blueberry Muffin Man!!!
Aly decided to write and illustrate a story..I'll let her explain it...
"Super Person" by Aly Swindler

A girl was walking one day...
BOO! Out of nowhere, a skeleton appeared and she screamed "HELP! HELP!"
Super Person appeared and said, "I'm coming!"
Super Person took care of that skeleton for the girl!
Super Person saved the day!! The End~

Could it be??? Daddy's Little Princesses???? Yep!!! It's them!!!
eyeball girls to the rescue!!
"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever" PS 107:1
in HIS Mighty Grip...

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lillian08 said...

Love you Shelley! Happy be-lated Thanksgiving to you, David and the girls!!