Wednesday, October 15, 2008

where have you been???

I know it's been awhile since I updated. I keep thinking "I need to blog about that" but then I forget or just don't have time. Oh are some recent pictures. Enjoy!

We got together at a park in Flagler Beach last week. Lots of fun for seven little girlies. Here are Lili and her buddy Mary Joyce usual. Mary Joyce is the little girl who was in the same orphange with Lili in Jiangxi. They have such fun together!

Every time she would come down this slide, she would throw her arms up in the air and holler, "Look out below!" She is such a Drama Queen!!

Okay, so this isn't a great picture. The sun was in their eyes and it was hard to get a good one of them. You can find some better pics at Mary Joyce's here. Her Mommy got MUCH better pictures of all the kids than I did!!

Aly has a new friend. Her name is Ellie and Aly looks forward to getting to see her each week at church. She INSISTS on saving her a seat in choir and was devestated when they didn't get put in the same small group! :-) Anyway, here are Aly and Ellie at a birthday party for Ellie's brother. It was a beautiful day, with new friends!

I think this might have been the highlight of the whole party for my muchkins. they actually got to eat a piece of chocolate cake covered in icing!!! They all but licked the plate clean. This doesn't happen often and they weren't about to waste an opportunity!

The girls decided they wanted to play in the water hose in the driveway one day last week. Sounds like fun to me!! So after we finished our schooling, they put on their swimsuits and out we went!

Here they are "painting" the driveway with water and a paint brush. Who knew they could enjoy a bucket of water and a paintbrush so much!!

We added a little chalk to the water and they came up with this lovely creation. They spent 30 minutes making this masterpiece.

Aly and her monkey impersonation. She has done this since she was a little girl. It has become her signature move!

Here is the latest "feel the love" picture. I slipped in to check on them the other night and this is what I found. I'm so glad that at least in sleep they love on each other!!

Well, that is the latest from the Wok.

Monday, October 6, 2008

AHHHHHHHH...a little quiet time...

Yes, at our house we definately DO Quiet Time. It is that most magical part of the day where the girlies scurry around after completing schooltime to gather all their most favorite things to do in a basket. They then take the baskets to their room (Lili) and to my room (Aly). For one whole blessed hour they must stay in their rooms doing their quiet activity (no electronics) and just BE for a bit. Everyone is out of everyone's hair for an hour, nothing is being demanded of me for one hour, my name isn't called for an hour, the girls get some time to decompress and re-group for an hour and when it is all over...all is right with the world again!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I need it as much as they do I believe!!!

Anyway, I slipped into their rooms and took a picture...thought you might like to see what Quiet is like at our home....

Happy Monday ya'll!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm not gonna take it anymore!!

Last night bedtime for the girls was a nightmare. Lili decided that it was the night to test all of her limits with us and with Aly. Of course we had to be up early to go to a birthday party this morning, so it was NOT the night for TigerLili's shenanigans, but shenanigan she did!!

She kept getting up and coming in the living room and then she finally gave up on that and just woke Aly up and started bugging the snot out of her. Aly was over it, I was over it, David was over it and Lili was having a ball. (except for the spankings...I don't think she like that, but it certainly did not deter her!!)

Anyway, she finally went to sleep WAY WAY WAY too late and it made for a very long day today. Sooooooooo, bedtime rolled around again tonight and I really figured that Lili would just pass out from exhaustion, but nooooooooooooooooooooo...she didn't get out of bed, but she started bugging Aly the second I left the room. Usually Aly just ignores her for the most part and lets her get into trouble on her own, but tonight I heard this every few minutes..."Mom...she's playing around again!" Now, bear in mind...David was in his recliner with his laptop taking his Humanities test...or should I say TRYING to take his humanities test. I'm hoping that his test doesn't contain the words, "She's playing around again" anywhere in there!!!

I went back into their room, dealt with Lili and then asked Aly why she needed to keep announcing that Lili was causing problems again? I told her that Daddy was taking a test in the other room and her yelling was very loud. She sat up in bed and stuck that pointer finger out at me and said, "Mom, I'm gonna keep calling out when she does it. I'm not gonna take it anymore...we're not having another night again like we did yesternight!!"

Yesternight...I love it!!! Thats my girl!!

They are asleep again...finally...exhausted from a fun day...

In HIS Mighty Grip~