Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Okay...I have a HUGE post with lots of pictures that I am working on. We lost the cable to the camera so I couldn't download that 5000 or so pictures that were on there. (Yes, David...we did find the cable on my desk under God only knows what!!) Anyway...we found the cable and they are downloaded and you will see some fun stuff in the next few days.
In the meantime I MUST tell you a funny that happened at the grocery store this past week. Aly, Lili and I were meandering through WalMart and we came to the Asian section. Aly knew that we needed Soy Sauce because she and Lili LOVE LOVE LOVE them some Soy Sauce, so they keep a close eye on the bottle in the fridge!! Aly (who is 5) runs ahead and grabs the bottle of Kikkoman and says, "Mom I've got a bottle of Kikko-moo!" Lili (who is 3) stopped and threw her little hand up on her hip and bellows, "Aly it's not's Kikko-Man!"

Oh...the drama of it all...let's get it right People!!!!

Lili and her bottle of Kikko-MAN!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook- May 25th edition

For Today...

Outside my window... Dark with just a hint of the morning light peeking through the trees. I think we are supposed to have more rain today. The sun came out yesterday for a little while...I almost didn't recognize it!

I am thinking... about all the men and women of all the Men and Women who have given their lives so that we could enjoy the freedoms we have today in this country. I am hoping that we continue to enjoy those freedoms in the frightening days that are ahead!! Come quickly Lord Jesus!!

From the learning rooms... we are pretty well done for the summer, but I spent a good bit of time last week getting our "summer reading list" together. We "swam" to the library late last week and checked out 22 books off the top of the list and so far we are enjoying them! David cleared out a space on a low book shelf in our living room for the girls to keep their library books (so they don't get lost) and Aly now refers to that shelf as "The library"

I am thankful for... the love between my girls. Oh, it isn't always love...sometimes it is pure-tee venom!! But, last night the girls were eating their hot apple-pie that their Daddy brought them. Lili had finished hers but was desperate for more. She went up to Aly and asked, "Aly, may I have a bite of your apple pie?" To our delight, Aly broke off a piece and said, "Sure, Lili" Lili thanked her and then gave Aly a kiss. Oh how I pray that they will stay close as they grow!! The moment Aly became our daughter I wanted her to have a sister, and as David said when we started Lili's adoption..."The Lily of the Valley has a Lili for our Aly"

From the kitchen... Um...uh...well...uh...Okay, I don't have a clue!!! Gimme a's 6am!!!

I am wearing... black pants, a red tee-shirt and my Birks. I woke up at 5am, couldn't sleep, got up and had my bible study, finished cleaning up the kitchen, started some laundry, got the trash up in the kitchen and straightened up the living room. And now here I sit!! a lot done before 6am today!!

I am reading... are you kidding? 22 books from the library!!!

I am hoping... that I like the laundry detergent I made yesterday! It was super easy to do and if I am pleased with the results, we will save a good deal of money and I won't be loading up my family with a bunch of chemicals from the other stuff!! Both David and Aly have very sensitive skin and so this could be a really great find!!! I'll let you know the results...I have a load of towels I just washed in the dryer right now.

I am creating... our homeschool Fall reading list. I LOVE the online features from the library. I can look up all the books, save them on "my list" and then they send me an email when the books are all ready to be picked up!! WHOOO HOOO Then we get to go to the library and have fun finding new treasures and reading instead of losing my mind looking up all the books on the library computer while keeping my kids from running loose.

I am praying... for a few personal requests, and for wisdom in teaching my daughters. Not just the school stuff...but the life/heart/mind/soul stuff!!!

Around the house... getting the pool ready for summer and the homeschool ready for fall.

One of my favorite things... is when I actually get some alone time in the morning before the girls get up. I love love love my time with them when they first wake up, but I am much less frazzled when I have had some time to do my bible study before they get up.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Aly's last gymnastics classes before the summer break. It was supposed to go all through the summer on an abbreviated schedule, but you know those darn wrenches!! Always jumping in when you don't want them too!! Oh, and I have to get her registered for her VBS programs. She is attending two this summer and is so excited! She loves going to VBS!! Last year she was too young to go the one at our church, so she just went to another one. This summer she gets to go to BOTH!!! Happy girl!! Lili has to wait one more year until she is old enough. Unhappy girl!!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... okay...well not a picture, but a video. I cannot believe how much Lili has changed in the last year. This was taken in January 08.

This next video was just one short year later in January 09. BTW...the "poem" she is saying is a poem that David's grandfather used to say to him when he was a child. I have heard it all of our married life and he taught it to the girls as soon as they were able to talk!! It is quite cute!!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook- May 4th edition

For Today...
Outside my window... it is supposed to be near 90 today. Oh how I wish the pool was ready to use!!
I am thinking... about all I have to do today
From the learning rooms... just winding up stuff and thinking about the summer.
I am thankful for... my home and all who live here!!
I am wearing... my black house dress...getting ready to go hit the shower.
I am reading... no leisure reading now...too busy reading stuff to get organized for school in the fall!!
I am hoping... to get all my school planning wrapped up this week or next.
I am creating... some knitted dish rags and still working on the knitted hats
I am praying... for less pain in my legs this week!
Around the house... I am trying to tackle the homeschool is way too chaotic and I want to figure it all out before the summer starts.
One of my favorite things... is listening to my girls play at the table. They are "secretly" making a card for us for our Anniversary, but I can hear them talking about it. Too funny!!
A few plans for the rest of the week... Hair cuts today, grocery shopping tomorrow and Wednesday is our 14th Wedding Anniversary. We were going to get a sitter, but we just don't want to go out without our girls!!! I know...we're weird!! Anyway, we are ALL going out to dinner and a movie!!!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Looks can be deceiving!! This was mere moments before the first two hour scream-fest from Miss Tiger-Lili. (The first of MANY to come!!) This was also just moments after she was placed in our arms for the first time. Oh, how our lives changed in those few moments!! It has been the hardest few years of my life for many reasons, but I wouldn't change this part of it for anything in the world!!! What an amazing child she is...thank you Lord!!!
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